Junior Leadership

The Junior Leadership program is designed to educate and motivate high school juniors and seniors to become leaders in their schools and communities, ultimately inspiring them to be our next generation of leaders.

Current 11th and 12th grade students from all high schools in Washington County are eligible to apply. The program is held October through early December and is limited to 25 participants each year.

This exciting eight-week program is designed to give first-hand knowledge of the local community, and also to improve personal leadership skills.

Goals are...
- To provide students with a personal understanding of the dynamics of our community.
- To teach lessons that are hands-on, meaningful and fun.
- To host a forum that encourages maximum interaction and discussion.
- To expose students to great career opportunities.
- To encourage them to become involved in issues and projects as teens and then as adults.

The sessions are held on Wednesday evenings from 4pm-7pm at various locations throughout the community.  A complete schedule is printed on the application. (See link below).  There is a $40 dollar registration fee. Participants are required to attend all sessions.

Learn more by clicking the file link below!